We design and produce beautiful, responsive websites and online businesses and optimise them to rank well on search

We help our customers prosper by creating a distinctive and effective online presence and providing associated services including ecommerce, email marketing and search engine optimisation

If you're looking for a beautifully designed, mobile-responsive website, want to improve your current site, need to perform better in search, want to market to your customers through email, or require a full online business - call us on (02) 9810-5206

We provide personal service and do quality work

Professional Site Design

We produce distinctive, responsive web design to project your business' unique image, communicate your message and entice customers to buy, contact you or subscribe.

Mobile Responsive

With 55% of site views likely to be on a mobile we build for all screen sizes. Your site will elegantly respond to any device (from desktop to mobile) to display optimally.

Beautiful Site Dashboard

We use Adobe's Content Management System for customers wanting to edit their sites, view their site statistics and manage their email marketing and ecommerce.

Email Marketing

With Adobe's Email Marketing module you can send beautiful HTML emails and newsletters to enhance your brand and promote and sell your products and services.


Adobe's Ecommerce module provides full function ecommerce fully integrated with Australia Post, Fedex, Papal, National Australia Bank, Stripe and SecurePay.

Search Engine Optimisation

There's no point to a great site unless people can find it. We know how to professionally and safely optimise your site. We have extensive experience in bringing solid results.

Extended Hours Support

Many customers only get to manage their sites at night or weekends ... so we're on-hand to provide quality support over extended hours - on evenings and weekends.

Domains and Hosting

We have professional and reliable partners: Netregistry for customer domains, and either Netregistry or Adobe for hosting, email, CMS, Emarketing and Ecommerce.

SEO Reporting

We can provide an objective appraisal of the current state of your SEO (and competitors' SEO), looking at strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with an SEO action plan.

Franchise Management

We can look after your franchise websites, ensure brand consistency, maximise your local competitive advantages and SEO ... and provide quick and efficient site updates.

Increasing PageRank

We can increase your site's PageRank (the value of your site in the SE's eyes) - and therefore your organic search rankings - through our quality recommendation process.

Location Targeting

We can bring your site to the attention of customers in a range of suburbs or locations by creating specific (non-duplicate) pages with individual SEO and rich content.

Why choose Loqium? Because we take the time to plan your site properly and get it right