Things to consider

When we build an online presence for you, there are a number of decision points depending on your business needs, now and into the future. So here's some of the options we can help you with and accompanying prices

  • Adobe or Netregistry
    Managed Site or Content Management Site

    Netregistry site: The best option if • you want to outsource your site management • your site is a 'brochure site' • you don't require email marketing or ecommerce and • you want to keep your costs as low as possible. Your hosting cost is cheaper (from $19 pm) and we take care of everything - but the range of site functionality is more limited.

    Adobe site: The best option if • you want to update your site yourself • you require email marketing, a customer database, a blog or ecommerce. Your hosting cost is a little more (from $29 pm) but you can manage your site yourself via a beautiful and easy-to-use dashboard, and you have access to a wide range of fully-integrated features and services (available as easily-upgradable modules).

  • Email Marketing
    Push Marketing with quantifiable ROI

    An open secret of many successful businesses is the deployment of gorgeous, functional emails with cracking content. It leads to more engaged and informed customers, which leads to more sales. Even if you're in a business where repeat sales isn't frequent, a beautiful Happy New Year email will keep your business top-of-mind.

    Email is without doubt the most efficient, least expensive and most measurable way to reach your customers directly, to remind them you're still around, provide news or relevant information, inform of a new product or service or ... and this applies equally to all businesses. The Adobe Email Marketing module adds $10 pm to the standard $29 pm hosting.

  • Ecommerce
    Sell products and services

    Adobe Business Catalyst comes with a superb ecommerce module that makes it easy to sell both physical and downloadable products online.

    The system is fully integrated with four payment gateways: PayPal, NAB, Stripe and SecurePay, and four courier services: Australia Post, FedEx, DHL and UPS. The system also allows free shipping options or you can create your own custom options based on price, weight or cubic area. All transactions are secured by Adobe's secure URL (https) and you have functionality for gift certificates, discount codes and inventory control. The system also comes with extensive and customisable reporting. The Adobe Ecommerce module adds $30 pm to the standard $29 pm hosting.

  • Additional Apps
    Extending Site Functionality

    Adobe have a range of add-on apps to broaden and enhance site functionality, including:

    Backup module: Customisable site backup. Choose what you want to backup, save your preferences and backup your site to Adobe's servers or to your local hard drive. $77 (one time only).

    Twitter Feed module: Add a twitter feed to your site with extensive customisation. $55 (one time only).

    Product Viewer module: Powerful ecommerce reporting tool to quickly view all your products, dynamically filter them, search and sort. $77 (one time only).

    Training module: Access, from your site dashboard, to a full catalogue of 40 + superb HD training videos. $66 (one time only).