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We're a team of four professionals working together to provide great service and superb value

David Staume

Site Layouts | Coding

David has been designing and building websites and online businesses since 2004. After helping a variety of businesses with poorly thought-out or dysfunctional sites, and helping people who'd received bad advice on search, David formed Loqium in 2008.

Loqium has never had to advertise. Our customers recommend us to new customers because of the quality of work and service they receive, and others find us because we do our Search Optimisation well!

Tony Bakusic

Coding | Copy

Tony knows how to code a website to world best practise - and create great site useability, intuitive navigation and effective site copy for our customers.

Tony is skilled in HTML and CSS ... as well as Plato, Decartes and Nietchze. Yes, Tony studies Philosophy in his limited spare time.

Tony's all-round coding skills, attention to detail, creativity, superb service attitude and professionalism make him a valued part of the team.

Simon Forbes

Graphic Design

Simon brings 25 years of professional, award-winning, international design experience to the team. From London and Europe to New York, Singapore and Sydney - and across virtually every business category, Simon's worked with global corporates to small local start-ups (and everything in-between), designing logos and stationary, brochures and direct marketing campaigns, exhibition materials - in fact anything that requires a creative design solution.

Deborah Kytic


Having a professional marketer on-board ensures we never lose site of the fact that our customer's online presence needs to be the perfect execution of their marketing strategy.

Deborah is a professional marketer with over 25 years experience leading marketing teams in large corporates, consulting to small and medium-size businesses and working with NGOs. She will cast her skilful eye over your site to ensure we're hitting your marketing brief.