Everything you need for a distinctive and effective web presence

Getting the right domain  >  Choosing the right platform  >  Designing and producing your site  >  Creating your email addresses  >  Creating newsletter templates  >  Creating specialised functionality  >  Optimising your site for search  >  Support when you need it

  • Professional Site Design
    Distinctive, beautiful and effective

    We produce distinctive design to project your business' unique image. We can assist with other design requirements as well, such as logos, business cards and brochures.

    There are a number of ways to pull together the right design. We can show you sites we've done, you can show us sites that appeal to you, or we can create unique visual identities. It begins with understanding your business and business proposition, what you want people to think and feel and do when they visit your site - then creating a draft Home page for discussion. From a one-person microbusiness to a small to medium business, we can create a distinctive website or online business that achieves your objectives. Call us for a ballpark quote.

  • Mobile Responsive
    Sites that morph and flow

    With 55% of site views likely to be on a mobile we build for all screen sizes. Your site will elegantly respond to any device (from desktop to mobile) to display optimally.

    A mobile responsive site detects the screen size of the device you're using and expands and contracts and flows your site content to perfectly suit the device. It ensures your text is always large enough to be readable and you never have to pinch or zoom to see it optimally. With potential customers viewing your site on various mobiles (in portrait and landscape view), tablets (same), and a wide variety of laptops and desktops with different screen sizes and resolutions it is important for all businesses to cater to the full range of internet-capable devices.

  • Adobe Dashboard
    Content Management System

    We use Adobe's Content Management System for customers wanting to edit their sites, view their site statistics graphically, require a customer database, manage their email marketing or manage their online store.

    Abobe provides a clean-looking and easy-to-use site backend. You can logon to your site to manage the online aspects of your business, including • editing your pages • adding pages • changing images • updating galleries • changing videos • adding a blog post • managing your mailing lists • creating and sending newsletters and advertsing emails • monitoring your email marketing effectiveness • adding products and editing products in your store • seeing your site statistics graphically ... and much more.

  • Email Marketing Module
    Keeping top-of-mind with customers

    With Adobe's Email Marketing module you can send beautiful HTML emails and newsletters to enhance your brand, keep your customers up-to-date and promote and sell your products and services.

    The Adobe Email Marketing module includes: • newsletter subscription forms on your site • mailing list management functionality (import and export / backup) • custom, branded HTML email templates • choice of one-off or repeat campaigns • future date broadcasts • comprehensive campaign reports • live feed • personalised addressing • automatic view-in-browser and unsubscribe functionality • with up to 5,000 emails per month included (on the email marketing plan) and up to 10,000 emails per month included (on the ecommerce plan).

  • Ecommerce Module
    Sell your products or services

    Adobe's Ecommerce module provides full-function ecommerce that's integrated with Australia Post, other Courier services, PayPal, NAB, Stripe and SecurePay.

    Adobe Business Catalyst comes with a superb ecommerce module that includes: • full integration with either PayPal, National Australia Bank, Stripe or SecurePay • full integration with Australia Post, FedEx, DHL or UPS, free shipping or custom shipping options (based on weight, price or cubic area) • a secure URL (https) • ecommerce for both physical or downloadable products • gift certificates • discount codes • multiple poplet product views • automatic inventory control (optional) • up-sell and cross-sell functionality • discount codes and customisable sales reporting.

  • Search Engine Optimisation
    Rank well | Get found

    There's no point is having a great site unless potential customers can find it. We know how to properly optimise your site according to Google and Bing Search Engine guidelines - and our extensive experience - to bring solid results.

    Our SEO service includes: • creating optimal individual page Titles and MetaDescriptions • advice on the best search keywords and phrases for your business • ensuring Google and Bing index your site • monitoring your PageRank • optimal Google My Business listing • reporting on competitor SEO • SEO support for franchises • advice on creating rich content to increase your site value • advice on ways to optimise your search rankings in legitimate (and creative) ways!

  • Extended Hours Support
    Support when you need it

    We know that many of our customers (especially our small businesses customers) only get to manage their sites at night or weekends ... so we're on-hand to provide quality support over extended hours on evenings and weekends.

    We're accessible weekdays from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. However, when we're away from the office the telephone diverts to one of our mobiles. You're welcome to contact us in the evenings to 9.00 pm, or on Saturdays from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. Now, we may not answer at these hours immediately ... but we will know you called and we will return your call as quickly as possible. It's all part of what we do!

  • Domains and Hosting
    With Netregistry and Adobe

    We have chosen professional and reliable partners as your Domain Registrar and Hosting Service. We use Netregistry for our customer's domain names, and either Netregistry or Adobe for your site hosting, domain email, CMS, Email Marketing and Ecommerce.

    We will obtain your domains in your name and ABN (ABN required for au domains) and send you your domain certificate. We can point your domain (or domains) to your website, arrange diversions as required, and advise you when your domains come close to renewal. We will arrange your site hosting (from $19 per month with Netregistry and $33 per month with Adobe), create your email addresses or point your email records to a third party (such as Gmail), and other services as required.

  • Franchise Management
    Multiple coordinated sites

    Loqium can look after your franchise websites. We can ensure brand consistency, we can maximise your local competitive advantages and Search Engine Optimisation ... and we can provide quick and efficient site updates.

    We can provide a franchise business with a one-stop-shop service that will • manage your sites and domains • ensure brand consistency and standards of quality • ensure properly (locally) targetted Search Engine Optimisation • provide custom, branded HTML email templates for your franchisees • increase your website PageRank • manage your email addresses and • provide quick and efficient site updates by phone or email.

  • SEO Reporting
    Strengths, weaknesses, actions

    Loqium can provide your business with an objective appraisal of the current state of your SEO (and your competitors' SEO), looking at strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and provide you with an SEO action plan.

    Our SEO report will include: • assessing whether all your site pages have been indexed • looking at technical issues that may inhibit your rankings • assessment of the Titles, MetaDescriptions, Site Copy and Image Labels used on your site • assessment of the keywords and keyphrases used on your site • assessment of the SEO of your main competitors • link analysis • assessment of your pagerank and key search term rankings • the creation of an SEO action plan.

  • Increasing PageRank
    Google thinks you're cool!

    We can increase your site's PageRank (the value of your site in the eyes of Google or Bing). PageRank (a Google term) is an algorithmic assessment of the importance of your site. As of 7th March 2016 Google no longer publish PageRank values externally, but we know how to improve your site's worth. PageRank has a direct, positive effect on where your site is positioned in search listings - so a higher PageRank is very good for business.

    We have a propietary and highly effective formula for helping our customers increase their site's PageRank. We work with the Search Engines' guidelines but keep our method to ourselves to safeguard our competitive advantage.

  • Location Targeting
    Granular search optimisation

    We can bring your website to the attention of customers in a range of suburbs or locations, by creating specific (non-duplicate) website pages with individual SEO and rich local content.

    If you're in a competitive marketplace you may not be able to rank well on very broad search terms (at least not in the short-term). But what you can do - while waiting for better broad-term results - is own a wide range of granular search phrases.

    Often these may be location-based terms such as 'Eastern Suburbs', 'Leichhardt' or 'Manly', but could also be comonly used adjectives or cultural terms used to describe your goods or services. This can give your business a significant search advantage.