Additional bits and pieces

  • Quotes
    Have a Lifespan

    All quotes remain valid for 60 days. Changes may be necessary for quotes that have expired.

    With Netregistry

    We manage your domains through our relationship with Netregistry. We will advise you before your domain/s are due for renewal. When you indicate your agreement to renew, we will renew your domain for 1 year (or more if requested) for .com, .org, .biz and .net domains, and 2 years for .com.au, .net.au and .org.au domains. When we renew your domain you are liable for the renewal fee. Sorry, no refunds can be provided. Information on Domain Name Registrant's Rights and Responsibilities can be found on the ICANN Website.

    With Netregistry or Adobe

    When your site is hosted with Netregistry: We will advise when your hosting is due for renewal. When you indicate your agreement to renew, we will renew your hosting for 1 year. When we renew your hosting you are liable for the renewal fee. Sorry, no refunds can be provided.

    When your site is hosted with Adobe: The minimum hosting period with Adobe is 1 year and renewal is automatic. We bill you six-monthly: April to September and October to March. Your first hosting charge may be for a different period of months to bring you into line with this cycle. Cancellation of Adobe Business Catalyst hosting must be advised in writing and the effective date of cancellation may be up to 6 months from the advice date. You are liable for the hosting cost until the effective cancellation date.

    Overdue Accounts
    We have bills too

    Accounts unpaid at 60 days from the statement date may incur a late payment fee of $15 or 5% of the total invoice (whichever is greater) and your services may be suspended. If your website and / or email hosting is suspended due to late payment, a fee of $66 may apply for us to re-establish your hosting and email. If applicable, this fee must be paid before your hosting and email is re-established.

    Images on Your Website
    Do you have permission?

    You must either own the images on your site or have a valid license to use the images on your site. If you are looking for site images (beyond those you own or commission with a photographer) you should look at a range of photo libraries and purchase an appropriate license for the image. Please call us before you purchase any images as a) we can recommend a photo library, and b) the images may be required in a specific size or orientation. We assume that you have a valid license for all images you provide us. As the end user of the images you are responsible for any copyright issues that may arise. Loqium does not accept responsibility for the unauthorised use of images on customer’s sites.

    Site Updates
    As fast as we can

    We endevour to complete your requested site updates within 24 hours. If your site updates are more urgent, however, it is important that you call us. If your update has not been completed and advised back to you within 36 hours please call us to confirm that we have received your request.

    Technical issues
    You may need extra help

    Many of our email and web services are within our area of control and expertise, however, issues will arise that are local to your particular area, your computer equipment, your Internet Service Provider, or require specialist expertise. While we will assist wherever we feel we can, it is important to know that we are not computer, database or email technicians. External specialist assistance may therefore be necessary from time to time to provide required services or resolve certain issues.

    Browsers and Devices
    Growing every day

    Your site will be tested on the latest versions of Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Your site will be tested on a variety of devices and screen widths and will be mobile-friendly according to Google's Mobile-Friendly Test Site.

    Let's talk

    Questions: If you have any questions regarding these bits and pieces, please contact us on (02) 9810-5206. We're here to help!