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Putting a website together - four basic questions

When we begin the process of putting a website or online business together, we start by asking four questions. Thinking about these things at the beginning of the process will set you on the right track and ensure your site achieves its objectives.

1. What is the purpose of your site?

It's an obvious but important question and the answer needs to be explicitly stated. We need to have a clear picture of what your site is for. What is its purpose? The answer influences everything else.

Sites can have numerous purposes. Some of the main ones are:

  • To promote and sell products or services
  • To share information
  • To express an opinion or a point of view
  • To promote dialogue and share experiences
  • To entertain

Many sites will have a secondary purpose to support the primary purpose. For example, a site whose main purpose is to sell products or services may also entertain or share information as this can make the buying experience more enjoyable or worthwhile. Sharing information enhances your perceived expertise and gives confidence in a decision to buy. This richer content not only brings more people to your site, it also appeals to Search Engines.

Having the purpose of your site clear will keep us all focused as we put your site content together - and help us deliver the best site possible.

2. What do you want people to THINK when they visit your site?

Site visitors need to know within about 3 seconds what you do. You don't want to visit a florist's website and think 'Do these people sell flowers ... or do they sell flower arranging courses?' Clarity is vital. You need to be clear about what you do and what problem you are solving. Make me think 'This is the right site for me'. This is where you explain your value proposition quickly and effectively.

3. What do you want people to FEEL when they visit your site?

This is different to what people should think, but the two obviously overlap. This is what you want your site visitors to feel. Where does confidence in your business come from? Do you want site visitors to feel reassured that your service is inclusive, that you're qualified, that you have substantial experience, that your premises are hygenic, that you have a certain sensibilty or style, that your solutions use the latest technology, that your solutions are time-honoured and proven, that you're products are envonmentally friendly, that your ethics are paramount?

We will design your site to achieve this purpose.

4. What do you want people to DO when they visit your site?

Do you want people to call you, email you, add products to your shopping cart, download a file, complete a form or subscribe to your newsletter?

When we know the action you want people to take we can design and place the elements of the site to make this clear, enticing and easy to do.

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