The services your business needs for a distinctive and effective web presence.

Professional Site Design

We produce distinctive design to project your business' unique image. We can assist with other design requirements as well, such as logos, business cards and brochures.

There are a number of ways to pull together the right design. We can show you sites we've done, you can show us sites that appeal to you, or we can create unique visual identities. It begins with understanding your business and business proposition, what you want people to think and feel and do when they visit your site - then creating a draft Home page for discussion.

From a one-person micro-business to a small to medium business, we can create a distinctive website or online business that achieves your objectives. Call us for a ballpark quote.

Mobile Responsive

With 60%+ of site views likely to be on mobile we build responsively for all screen sizes. Your site will elegantly respond to any device (from desktop to mobile) to display optimally.

A mobile responsive site detects the screen size of the device you're using and expands and contracts and flows your site content to perfectly suit the device. It ensures your text is always large enough to be readable and you never have to pinch or zoom to see it optimally.

With potential customers viewing your site on various mobiles (in portrait and landscape view), tablets (same), and a wide variety of laptops and desktops with different screen sizes and resolutions it is important for all businesses to cater to the full range of internet-capable devices.

Search Engine Optimisation

There's no point is having a great site unless potential customers can find you. We know how to properly optimise your site according to Google and Bing's Search Engine guidelines (and our extensive experience) to bring solid results.

Our SEO service includes:  • creating optimal individual page Titles and MetaDescriptions  • advice on the best search keywords and phrases for your business  • ensuring Google and Bing index your site  • improving your PageRank  • optimising your Google My Business listing  • reporting on competitor SEO  • SEO support for franchises  • advice on how to create rich content to increase your site's value  • advice on ways to optimise your search rankings in legitimate and creative ways!

SEO and Website Audits

We do SEO and website audits to point out where you can improve and how, with specific detail and instruction.

Your report includes checks on multiple indexing, code, useability and SEO parameters, including:  • indexing issues  • exclusion issues  • broken links  • robots.txt file issues  • sitemap files  • blocking technology  • code errors  • page values  • page load issues  • mobile-view issues  • security  • page titles  • metadescriptions  • on-page keywords  • main keyphrases  • indicative rankings  • your Google Business listing  • SEO spam  • backlinks  • heading tag structure ... and more.

Consulting Services

From small business needs to large corporate projects the team at Loqium can assist. We can provide consulting assistance on a range of areas to help you better market your business, keep in touch with your customers or grow your customer base and revenue.

We can help you plan integrated campaigns from strategy to execution through to measurement of results. Our lead consultant has over 20 years of marketing experience and she is passionate about adding value to a business through their data-driven marketing efforts.

If you need assistance determining your brand position, segment opportunities, retention and loyalty and acquisition strategies or your digital strategy (from SEO to SEM to Social) we are here to help. We also love to take on customer experience projects to help improve the way your customers interact with your business.

Extended Hours Support

We know that many of our customers (especially our small businesses customers) only get to manage their sites at night or on weekends ... so we're on-hand to provide quality support over extended hours on evenings and weekends.

We're accessible weekdays from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. However, when we're away from the office the telephone diverts to one of our mobiles. You're welcome to contact us in the evenings to 8.00 pm, or on Saturdays from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Now, we may not answer at these hours immediately ... but we will know you called and we will return your call as quickly as possible. It's all part of what we do!

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Designer, Simon Forbes, has 25 years of professional, award-winning, international design experience.

From London and Europe, to New York, Singapore and Sydney - and across virtually every business category - Simon's worked with global corporates to small local start-ups (and everything in-between).

Apart from specific site elements, Simon can also design your logos and stationary, brochures and direct marketing campaigns, exterior signage and exhibition materials - in fact anything that requires a creative design solution.

Domains and Hosting

We use the professional services of Netregistry Australia for our customer's domain names, website hosting, domain email and security certificates.

We will obtain your domains in your name and ABN (an ABN is required for au domains) and send you your domain certificate. We can point your domain (or domains) to your new website, arrange diversions as required, and advise you when your domains are due for renewal. We will arrange your secure site hosting (from $19 per month), we will create your email addresses or point your email records to a third party (such as Gmail), and other services as required.

Franchise Management

Loqium can look after your franchise websites. We can ensure brand consistency, we can maximise your local competitive advantages and local Search Engine Optimisation ... and we can provide quick and efficient site updates.

We can provide a franchise business with a one-stop-shop service that will  • manage your sites and domains  • ensure brand consistency and standards of quality  • ensure properly (locally) targeted Search Engine Optimisation  • provide custom, branded HTML email templates for your franchisees  • increase your website PageRank  • manage your email addresses and  • provide quick and efficient site updates by phone or email.

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